The cores listed below are located at Harvard Medical School, affiliated institutions or other Harvard Schools. 

BPF NGS Genomics Core Facility

The BPF NGS Genomics Core Facility provides state of the art resources and services including NextGen Sequencing on the Illumina platform, NGS Sample Preparation (for a variety of DNA and RNA applications), Single Cell Analysis on the 10X Genomics Chromium platform, DNA and RNA Quality Assessment,  Sanger DNA Sequencing, DNA/RNA isolation and purification, Oligonucleotide Ordering, qPCR Assays, and Reagents & Supplies Ordering (via a staffed stock room in the NRB and an automated 24/7 stock room on the HMS Quad).

Core Director - Robert Steen
Core Website -
For additional information on the Biopolymer Facility, visit their page on the Catalyst Directory 

Single Cell Core at HMS

This Core supports single cell sequencing and provides resources for sequencing the transcriptomes individual cells and provides scientific advising for optimal experimental design.  The Core is partnering with the Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core to offer support from experimental design through to data analysis.

Core Director - Mandovi Chatterjee
Core Website -

FAS Sequencing Core