Animal Resources

The cores listed below are located at Harvard Medical School, affiliated institutions, or other Harvard Schools. 

Immune Imaging Core

The BL2+ Imaging Facility provides the infrastructure and expertise for In-Vivo imaging of host pathogen interactions in infected mice.

Core Director - Uli von Adrian
Core Website -

DF/HCC Rodent Histopathology Core

The Rodent Histopathology Core is a Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center facility that is based at HMS. Services that the Core provides focus mainly on mouse histopathology, and include necropsy, phenotyping of organs and tissues, dissection and tissue processing, and one-on-one consultation. The facility also generates unstained paraffin and frozen sections to be used for immunohistochemistry. The core provides individual and group training sessions for postdoctoral fellows and graduate students on the development, phenotyping and characterization of animal models of cancers.

Core Faculty Director - Peter Howley
Core Manager - Li Zhang
Core Administrator - Lauri Wyner
Core Website -

Drosophila RNAi Screening Center

The mission of the DRSC is to provide the community with RNAi reagent libraries and a screening platform for high-throughput screens in Drosophila cultured and primary cells. Also included at the DRSC is the Transgenic RNAi Project (TRiP). The mission of the TRiP is to generate validated in vivo fly stocks for tissue-specific gene knockdown in whole animals. We provide access to information, protocols, data and software tools via our DRSC and TRiP website and underlying FlyRNAi database. The DRSC also provides access to state-of-the-art instrumentation for high-throughput, high-content fluorescence confocal imaging.

Core Director - Stephanie Mohr
Core Website -

HMS imaging cores website:

Mouse Behavior Core

The Mouse Behavior Core (MBC) is a fee-for-service core providing a 3,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art mouse behavior research facility. It is jointly supported by Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital. This is a full service facility, providing training and guidance to investigators on best research practices, developing new tests, equipment and procedures. The staff promotes the highest standards of mouse behavior research.

Core Director - Barbara Caldarone
Core Website -

Mouse Imaging Core at HMS

The HMS Mouse Imaging Core provides researchers with in-vivo mouse imaging capabilities for endpoint and longitudinal studies using either luminescent or fluorescent reporters in an animal biosafety level 2 environment. Staff from ICCB-Longwood oversee the IVIS (In-Vivo Imaging System) Lumina II mouse imager and its use, while the IVIS room is operated and maintained by HCCM (Harvard Center for Comparative Medicine). Staff members provide access to and training on the imager and data analysis computers, while HCCM oversees all room and animal operations including facility access, safety training and orientation, animal transfers and husbandry, and protocol approval.

Core Director - Jennifer Smith
Core Website -

DF/HCC Mouse Engineering Core

Before February 1, 2021 this core was called the HMS Transgenic Mouse Core. 

The DF/HCC Mouse Engineering Core (MEC) has all of the equipment necessary for generation of transgenic mice including a Nikon Diaphot microscope equipped with Nomarski Optics and Narishige micromanipulators for microinjections, Nikon surgical microscopes for egg isolation ad transfer, a sutter needle puller and a de Fonbbrune microforge. The facility maintains mice necessary for egg donors, egg recipients, and vasectomized males. This is a non-profit facility and charges are based upon anticipated mouse costs, maintenance of mice and equipment, purchase of necessary surgical supplies and chemicals, and personnel costs. 

ES cell culture services have been offered for more than 15 years. Our staff carries out electroporation of targeting vectors into ES cells and provides investigators with DNA to identify ES cells carrying the desired recombination events. Staff then expand the appropriate ES cells for microinjection into blastocysts by the DF/HCC MEC. 

In recent years, the core has expanded its list of services to include CRISPR injections and cryopreservation. 

Core Director- Lina Du
Core Administrator - Lauri Wyner
Core Website - Mouse Engineering Core 
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